Current vacancy: Lead Clinician (Speech Pathologist)

Does any of this sound familiar?

You are feeling stressed about work. You are expected to see too many clients in a day. You are working back late and sometimes even finishing your notes and reports at home! You are ready to take on a leadership role, but someone else has to move on before you get your chance.

Maybe you’re on the road all day, writing notes and eating lunch in your car. You wish you had warm people around you to learn from, share ideas with and to have some fun with. You really want to extend your skills into some new areas, but you don’t see those clients in your current role, so you can’t get funded for PD. And while supervision is talked about, in reality something always crops up and there never seems to be the time.

Are there too many meetings getting in the way of delivering great services to your clients? Do you spend your time doing stats when you could be helping kids?  Or maybe you’re not able to offer truly client-centred care because your therapy is driven by rules-based service models.

You have been a therapist for 5 years or more and you have terrific ideas about what a great service looks like. You are excited at the idea of helping to run an amazing clinic for both team members and clients.


  • Management who understand your frustrations and celebrate your wins.
  • A friendly and vibrant team who love hanging out together.
  • Supervision, Professional Development and career progression based on your individual goals
    • Want to have your own practice one day? We’ll teach you what we know.
    • Want to do research? Let us structure your clients and caseload to support your study.
    • Want to get management experience and provide clinical supervision? Let’s make that happen.
  • Flexible work arrangements to suit your needs.
  • Full time admin support.
  • Realistic caseloads and regular clinical support
  • A multidisciplinary approach. Some clients are in our building for speech, OT and psychology. We get the chance to support them and their families with quality care, based on compassionate and professional shared knowledge.
  • We have shopping issues! Our therapy rooms are overflowing with resources to help you concentrate on your clinical decision-making – the fun stuff is easily sorted.
  • Have we mentioned the coffee?

Our clients deserve the best clinicians! We know that a happy, energised and supported team get
the best outcomes for our clients. Our commitment to our team is therefore the driving force of our


This is us - warts and all - with 5 minutes prep.

Expressions of interest

Are you a passionate clinician who wants to work in a fun and supported team? We love being contacted by speech pathologists and occupational therapists who want to join the Village People!

We can offer:

  • working closely with other team members in a multi-disciplinary environment
  • a commitment to evidence-based, family-centred practice
  • 6 weeks annual leave
  • a commitment to your continuing education through regular supervision and a PD budget
  • a warm, professional team
  • opportunities for professional progression
  • a well-resourced clinic

What can you offer? Email a copy of your resume with a cover letter to info@villagetherapy.com.au and one of the management team will be in touch.