News - 19th October 2021

- Returning to face-to-face therapy –

We are very excited to announce that we are returning to face-to -face therapy services on Friday. As the health of our clients and our team continues to be a key focus, we want to let you know how opening up will look for us. There is important information below that you will need to act on in order to return to the clinic. The entire Village Therapy team is double vaccinated, except for one team member who has commenced the process. This team member will not be attending the clinic until they have received both doses, and you will be contacted separately if this impacts your child’s sessions.

  1. All children under the age of 16 will need to be accompanied by a fully vaccinated adult. Adults will need to state their vaccination status on the health declaration that they complete prior to the appointment and show their vaccination status at reception as they enter the building. This is readily available through the Services Victoria check in app, which will also continue to be used. Clients whose caregivers are not vaccinated will be offered telehealth appointments only.
  2. All clients over the age of 12 must be double vaccinated in order to attend the clinic. If they cannot show their fully vaccinated status, they will continue to be offered telehealth appointments.
  3. Exceptions will apply to clients or caregivers who have an official medical exemption from a registered doctor in accordance with the government exemption guidelines.
  4. Families who are unable to show their vaccination/exemption status at their appointment will not be able to enter the building and a late cancellation fee will be charged.
  5. Clients/Families who are not yet vaccinated and who do not participate in telehealth appointments will be returned to the waiting list. We are unable to hold places while we have such an extensive waiting list.
  6. The waiting room will remain closed in order to ensure that we maintain the required density quotas. We will return to our previous system of collecting clients from the car park for their appointments. The size of our rooms also means that only one client and one caregiver are able to attend any appointment. This means that siblings are not able to attend sessions.
  7. Mask wearing will continue to follow the rules set out by the Chief Health Officer.
  8. School/Child Care visits. It is the responsibility of the client to check that their facility is allowing clinicians to attend and notify our reception team. Until we have confirmation, sessions will be assumed to be happening at our clinic. Non-attendance, or a clinician being turned away from an off-site appointment will incur the full cancellation fee.
    9. Home visits are currently not available.

Tese guidelines have been put in place by the Village Therapy Management Team. Whilst we have taken government advice into consideration, our rules do not automatically change when government restrictions ease. As a private health provider, we reserve the right to maintain entry and service requirements that we believe best preserve the safety of our team and our clients. We will notify all clients when our service requirements change. Clinicians and admin team members are not in a position to change any of the conditions outlined above. If you need to discuss any of the above with a member of the Management Team, please email me.

We appreciate your cooperation.

You can find out how to link your vaccination certificate to the Services Victoria app here

Kind regards,

Polly McCarthy C.P.S.P.