News - 24th May 2020

Dear Village Therapy families,

I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying some of the relaxed distancing rules with your loved ones. I am writing to update you on a range of items.

1. COVID 19 restrictions
As we see the state and federal government start to cautiously wind back restrictions, our management team have discussed our best roadmap back to face to face therapy.

For the majority of our clients, online therapy is continuing to be an effective alternative to face to face therapy. For this reason, we will not be rushing to return to clinic-based services. A lot of the concern about easing restrictions has been the very real possibility of a second wave of infection in the community, which history tells us can be worse than the initial wave.

For this reason, we have made the decision not to return to the clinic for at least another month, tentatively the start of Term 3. This will give us a chance to consider the results of people returning to school and social settings on the progression of the disease in Victoria.

The safety of our team members and our clients continues to be the most important factor in our decision making.

2. New clinic
We do however, have some great news to share that we are very excited about! When we do return to offering clinic services, they will be from our fantastic new clinic space at Shop 1, 106-126 Gap Road, Sunbury. We’re not moving far – just up the road to the Gap Road Shopping Centre (near Aldi). We are on the lower floor of the complex, underneath Nandos.

Here is a sneak peak of the clinic, which is still under construction but almost finished. Watch this space for our social story that will be available to families before we open!

Village Therapy - new clinic picture 1

Village Therapy - new clinic picture 1

Village Therapy - new clinic picture 2

Village Therapy - new clinic picture 2

3. Telehealth Informed Consent
We have recently been advised that as part of providing online therapy services, we are required to have all clients complete a new informed consent form (I know – another one!). Filling it out is a breeze – all you need to do is read the form, fill out your details and click submit.

Your clinician will chat to you about this in your upcoming sessions.

4. Music Therapy
We are also incredibly fortunate to have Kyle Bienvenu, a registered Music Therapist, join our Village Therapy team. Kyle will be seeing children and adolescents.

Music Therapy is a fantastic allied health practice that encompasses elements of Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy (amongst others). Areas where Music Therapy can be of benefit can include:

  • Balance, gait, coordination and motor planning,
  • Communication impairments including speech, language or voice disorders and stuttering, and,
  • Cognitive impairments including memory, attention and executive function.

Music Therapy, like all Allied Health practices, comes out of the same part of your child’s NDIS plan as Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy.

At the moment, Kyle is only offering individual sessions via online therapy, however once the current restrictions are lifted, he will be also offering group sessions. If you feel your child would benefit from music therapy, please call us on 9811 7026 or email us at

I think that’s all for now!

Polly McCarthy