News - 5th February 2021


Our team at Village Therapy are very excited to announce the launch of our Take Home Therapy Packs!

In these packs you can find a collection of resources and activities that can be used to target many of your child’s Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy goals in a fun and creative way from the comfort of your home! Each pack comes with an instruction booklet to guide your practice and support you to work on a variety of your child’s goals. 

We have designed 3 Take Home Therapy Packs to choose from - click on the picture to find out what's included: 

1. Speech Pathology Pack 

Village Therapy - Speech Pathology Pack

$50.00 per pack 

2. Occupational Therapy – Handwriting Pack 

Village Therapy - Handwriting Pack

$50.00 per pack


Occupational Therapy – Motor Skills Pack

Village Therapy - Motor Skills Pack

$38.00 per pack 

Please contact our lovely reception staff on 9811 7026 or to order your Take Home Therapy Packs today! In some cases, NDIS funds may be used to purchase therapy packs.