Occupational Therapy

The aim of Occupational therapy is to enable people to actively participate in their lives as best they can.

Our occupational therapists use a strengths-based approach to assessing, designing goals, and implementing interventions to support your child and your family. Our therapy is predominantly play-based which makes sense to us because play is the main occupation of childhood.

As occupational therapists we are trained at looking at the supports and barriers to a person’s engagement and participation including thinking about:

  • the person’s skills and abilities, strengths and motivations,
  • the environments they are involved in, and,
  • the activities they are needing and wanting to do.

Interventions may include:

  • Discussions and suggestions for strategies that will help your child develop the skills they need,
  • Working with your child to develop the confidence to try new things,
  • Support to adapt activities so that your child is able to do them, and,
  • Support to adapt the environments so that your child can do their very best.

What intervention may look like:

  • Parent-child sessions,
  • Parent sessions for occupational performance coaching, and/or,
  • Team discussion with educators, speech pathologist, music therapy, psychologists etc

At the present moment, our Occupational Therapy waiting list is closed.