Our services

Village Therapy provides a range of services, including:

  • Assessment and Interventions for Children and adults
  • School contracts
  • Aged-care contracts
  • Teacher training in the areas of :
    • Language development
    • Voice care for teachers
    • Pre-school speech and language
    • Identifying and working with clients on the autism spectrum
  • Parent Information and training
  • Early intervention services
  • Literacy groups for primary school students
  • Kinder and childcare screenings

Speech Pathology

A range of speech pathology services are available for children and adults

Occupational Therapy

A range of occupational therapy services are available for children

Teacher training

We offer a range of training courses and services including:
Learning Language And Loving It
Teacher Talk
Working with children on the autism spectrum
Voice care

Literacy groups

Our flyer outlines the current groups that we run and who are suitable for

Parent training

We help parents to engage effectively with their children using a range of materials including:
More Than Words
Learning Language And Loving It

Kinder screening

We offer kinder screening to help work out if there are any areas that might need some skills so your child can make a flying start.